Women s sex drive drops after dating

Janie,* 27, has been secretly frustrated ever since she started dating Keith, her 30-year-old boyfriend of eight months.

"Libido is influenced by a combination of physical and psychological factors, which can change from night to night, month to month, and year to year," says Angelo Paola, a urologist at Bay Area Urological Associates in Brandon, Florida, and author of Under the Fig Leaf.

Low sexual desire is the most common form of female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

FSD, the general medical term for disturbance in women's sexual functioning, also includes female sexual arousal disorders, sexual pain disorders and female orgasmic disorder.

But that doesn’t mean that a lagging libido is something you just have to put up with.

If you’ve noticed a sudden drop in your desire to get it on, or if it’s an ongoing problem that’s causing stress in your relationship or your life, you can do something about it.

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