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However, existing county fees associated with new applications and amendments still apply, State Police said.Failure to recertify within the deadline provided "will result in the revocation" of one's pistol/revolver license, according to state police.HB 2891 also amends Section 171.203 to include professional associations and limited partnerships on which the franchise tax is imposed among the entities that must file a public information report.The repealed law remains in effect for those entities involuntarily terminated/revoked for a delinquent report required before the effective date.You need to register to use our online services before you can make any changes.

Under the old law, once one had a pistol permit they kept it for life and didn't have renew it.The Act repeals the provision that requires a professional association to file an annual statement concerning officers, directors and members.The bill also amends Section 153.301 to authorize the Secretary of State to request a limited partnership that is not required to file a public information report under Section 171.203 of the Tax Code to file a periodic report.If your family’s financial situation has changed dramatically since then, you should complete the FAFSA questions as required, submit the FAFSA, then contact the school you plan to attend and discuss your situation with the . How do we supply tax and income information on the FAFSA?Do I report my 2015 tax and income information on the 2017–18 FAFSA now, and then update it once I’ve filed my 2016 taxes? Here are some tips for this type of situation: Will I receive aid offers from schools earlier if I apply earlier?

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It could be revoked, however, for various reasons, such as being convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors or mental health issues.

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