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But the reality is that Tucker Max’s stories were more than just entertainment: They articulated a new male identity that was unapologetically .

Most comedians enter from stage left or stage right."I'm gonna shoot this last light out / Get a little lost before I get found / I'm gonna burn this last one down, then turn it around," Beathard sings during the song's chorus, painting the picture of a fun-loving sinner who's ready to make peace with his maker. He takes a round of paintball pellets to the torso while wearing a wig, cruises a parking lot on a miniature motorbike and, in glorious slow motion, launches himself from a speeding shopping cart into an inflatable pool.In what may be the video's most illegal moment, Beathard also hops aboard a pedal tavern in downtown Nashville without wearing any clothes. The second radio single from Beathard's Fight Like Hell EP, "Momma and Jesus" will begin making live appearances on February 2nd, when Beathard joins Brantley Gilbert on the three-month Devil Don't Sleep Tour.Tucker's Beathard's newest video begins with a spray-painted disclaimer – "Don't try this at home" – stamped onto a brick wall by the songwriter himself.With that, "Momma and Jesus" kicks off its three and a half minute whirlwind of Jackass-inspired hijinks, with blow-up dolls, shopping carts and paintball guns all getting a piece of the action. Filmed in Nashville, the video finds Beathard and company wreaking havoc on both the city and themselves, with the singer even serving as his own stuntman after a hired professional bolted from the set halfway midway through the shoot.

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George feels that his father doesn't respect him as a lawyer, and only wanted George working alongside him in Montgomery to retain voting majority with his partners.

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