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Last week in Vienna, we left Travis and Nicole in first place at the pit stop and with only six teams left in the game - and each of them getting more desperately competitive as the days go on - it's anyone's guess as to what's in store. Once there, they'll need to make their way to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque - one of the largest in the world - to receive their next clue.

Shall we see what this leg of the race has in store? The start of the seventh leg begins at a Viennese castle that one belonged to composer Johan Strauss. Nicole & Travis get to leave at noon, which is a pretty nice head start.

In the end, things didn’t work out his way, but he scored a dominant 10th win of the season from his 61st pole position, and he never stopped trying.

No other driver in history has claimed 10 wins in a season and not triumphed overall.

Internet, telephone, mobile phone and post are available and service standards are quite good.

Landlines are not widely used in the UAE, with mobile phones being dominant when it comes to keeping in touch.

the Weekend Ill: When Mental Illness prevents one of your partners from communicating, it is sometimes okay to step in. Is there really a CONTRADICTION in the Biblical revelation and the apparently well attested, millionaire dating service dallas discoveries of paleontology.

And with nine victories this season, he is by any standard a thoroughly deserving world champion. © Sutton Images Lewis Hamilton In the final four races of 2016, Lewis Hamilton did everything he could to retain his crown.

And in Abu Dhabi he did what surely any of the top drivers would have done in trying to back his team mate into the rivals who might have pushed him into the fourth place in which Hamilton needed him to finish.

You can usually find the entrance hidden behind a row of parked coaches and minibuses and behind it you will see the beach, often crowded with sun worshipers and snorkelers. It might not seem like the sort of wild place to find endangered exotic marine animals but fortunately and, despite the occasional crowds, it still is.

"Had a great half day there last year," wrote Barry on Trip Advisor in February 2011.

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As both Etisalat and Du offer similar services, the only comprehensive difference is in coverage by their respective networks.

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