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Barack Obama has promised a gradual military withdrawal from July 2011, but Mr Avetisyan said Nato had "wasted" nine years not building an Afghan army to replace them.He said: "Only now have people started to realise 'Oh, we must have someone to secure the country when we leave'.Den tar en last på fem ton och drivs med flytande syre och fotogen.

Four Alfa Laval separators with Condition Monitoring systems were commissioned at the company's sunflower vegetable ...Registrera dig för att träffa vackra ryska kvinnor och sedan lära känna dem för vänskap, långsiktiga relationer och äktenskap.Företaget Sea Launch SA startades i slutet av 1990-talet av ryska, amerikanska, norska och ukrainska intressenter, men med Ryssland som största ägare."But it is not possible to do in several months, or years.If serious training of the Afghan army is started now, it will take in my opinion at least five years." "If the international community had started this several years ago, then now it would be realistic to talk about transition timetables and withdrawal." He said when the Soviets left in 1989, their ally Mohammad Najibullah remained in power for three years because he inherited a strong army and economy.

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