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Its multiple alter egos cater to the funky neighborhood and offers the perfect creative ambiance for that novel you’re writing.

Having made a name for itself with cyclists and surfers in Marin, Equator Coffee and Teas finally made its move into San Francisco , dropping a chic industrial spot into the Mid-Market food-and-drink wasteland.

So when you’re wiring up a house it’s important to keep track of which line is the 120v line and which is the neutral line.

A good way to keep track is to wire up outlets with a temporary connection between the ground and neutral lines during installation, so that if the electrician accidentally switches the 120v and neutral lines there will be a flash, a pop, a puff of smoke, and no lights.

In the modern world of interior design, the possibilities are endless and a rug can prove to be both fashionable and functional in a newly decorated room.

A good rug will help protect the floor, prevent heat from being lost through the floor and help to absorb some of the noise from a room, whilst also adding a touch of class.

Oh, and one more thing: Jamber opens at am during the week and has outlets for your computer, so it's kind of the perfect place to wine and work.

Blue Bottle coffee by day, wine/beer bar by night -- this stylish Divis spot is the superhero of cafes, effortlessly transitioning from a breakfast spot to a legit lunch spot, and finally to a bar that hosts trivia contests, food trucks, and pizza nights.

If it seems strange that the power company would supply you with a wire that has no voltage, keep in mind that what you really need is a voltage The difference between the neutral line and the ground line is that the neutral line carries current (all the current that enters through the 120 volt line has to go back out), while the ground line is literally connected to the ground (usually through your plumbing) and carries no current.Finding great businesses at great prices is the holy grail of investing.Yet surprisingly very few investors focus on uncovering businesses with the potential to compound over time.There are also over 10 beers on tap, also from California.To top it off, the SOMA spot has a really, really good food menu with things like mac & cheese pizza, poutine, and bacon-wrapped meatloaf.

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