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Today it is marketed by a subsidiary of Schenley Distillers Corp.

During the next five years the number of bottlers of soda water explodes due to the craze caused by Roussel's bottled soda and mineral waters; the likes of which the soda water industry had not yet experienced in the United States. Why did his soda and mineral waters ignite the business?

They resent the implication that Quakers drink; they aren't supposed to.

Old Quaker, "A Friendly Whiskey," has been made in the U. Some members of the Society of Friends object mildly to Quaker Oil, Quaker Oats, the Quaker Line, Quaker Novelty Puffing. They object to Old Quaker's implicit identification with the "purity and integrity" of the Quaker faith.

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This was often done as a marketing campaign to promote the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Hello everyone, my mother recently aquired several bottles of Whiskey.

For Sale: Vintage Mini Old Quaker Whiskey Bottle 1/10 Pint Description: Embossed with "Old Quaker" and the image of a Quaker Man.

The bottom of the bottle is embosses with the words " 1/10 Pint" and the code "M 107 A".

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However, I believe some bottles that date up to the early 1970s have also been seen with this warning embossed on them.

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