Nonparametric time series forecasting with dynamic updating

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Macroprudential Policy Transmission and Interaction with Fiscal and Monetary Policy in an Emerging Economy: a DSGE model for Brazil Fabia A. Castro Dezembro/2016 Resumo Texto completo Loan-To-Value Policy and Housing Loans: effects on constrained borrowers Douglas Kiarelly Godoy de Araujo, Joo Barata Ribeiro Blanco Barroso e Rodrigo Barbone Gonzalez Novembro/2016 Resumo Texto completo Decomposio de Inflao: reviso da metodologia e resultados para 2012 a 2014 Rafael Tiecher Cusinato, Francisco Marcos Rodrigues Figueiredo, Vicente da Gama Machado, Euler Pereira Gonalves de Mello e Leonardo Pio Perez Junho/2016 Resumo Texto completo Evaluating Systemic Risk using Bank Default Probabilities in Financial Networks Sergio Rubens Stancato de Souza, Thiago Christiano Silva, Benjamin Miranda Tabak e Solange Maria Guerra Abril/2016 Resumo Texto completo Publicado, como "A New Finite Difference Method for Pricing and Hedging Fixed Income Derivatives: comparative analysis and the case of an Asian option", em Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol. Publicado, como "Brazilian Perspective on Macroprudential and Monetary Policy Interaction", em Challenges for Central Banking: perspectives from Latin America.

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The methods are demonstrated using monthly sea surface temperatures from 1950 to 2008.

Elements of analytic geometry, functions and their graphs, with an emphasis on the concepts of limits, and differentiation techniques for algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions and their application to economics, and the life and management sciences. APM 106 - Survey of Calculus and Its Applications II (4) Four hours of lecture per week.

Some multivariable calculus including constrained optimization. A continuation of calculus for students in the life and management sciences. An introduction to integration and applications of the definite integral.

Algebraic operations on polynomials and rational functions as expressions, in equations, or inequalities. An emphasis is placed on algebraic operations of expressions with rational exponents. APM 103 - Applied College Algebra and Trigonometry (3) Three hours of lecture per week.

This course is designed to enable non-science students to solve practical problems in their specific areas of study.

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