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Abuse may include insults, coercion, social sabotage, sexual harassment, threats and/or acts of physical or sexual violence.– Physical Abuse: Any unwanted contact with the other person’s body.

‘People would send nudes and underwear pictures, boys and girls both – it’s mostly used to text and get pictures from each other’, an unnamed schoolgirl in Limerick told the Irish Mirror.

Today, for many teens, nude photos have become part of the process.

Sending nude photos is something “most of the kids in my town high school have accepted as just part of getting a guy to like you,” said a Bergen County high schooler who agreed to speak with The Record if her name was not used.

For the most part, it is girls sending pictures to boys, who ask casually.

She had heard of boys sending photos, but it is not the norm.

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While most teen romantic relationships do not start online, technology is a major vehicle for flirting and expressing interest in a potential partner.

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