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"I," they chanted softly, then louder, "I believe . ."Sources say a group of Navy lacrosse players started the ruckus, though you can't be sure because urban legends are quickly springing up around Johnson's 7-4 team."I believe that," they yelled as more joined in. It may do so solely as a mid-major rallying cry: The Mid Majority's Kyle Whelliston added the words to his masthead this season to commemorate the start of a new, collectively driven era of coverage at the site.

Because the crowd is so close to the action, basketball offers perhaps the greatest opportunity of all sports for the crowd to interact and impact the game through cheering, chants and creating raucous energy.A squad can only be as good as its weakest member, so it benefits everyone to raise the level of cheerleading throughout the entire squad.Keeping the cheers fresh and original is an important way to engage the audience on the team's behalf.Cheerleaders are always on the lookout for new cheers.We put together a list of cheers from experienced cheerleaders that you can customize for your squad and your home team.

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