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While 20-something beauty Kayli has trouble finding husband material, Granny Gail has trouble finding men who can still drive at night.As the two women grow closer over tales of their dating exploits, they learn that the hunt for happiness is the same whether you’re 25 or 75 – although the hunt for sex is a lot easier at 25.Most of the publicity for this book has focused on Kayli, with Granny simply being there as an adjunct, but we wanted to find out more about Gail’s experience.I agreed, but I preferred hanging out with my college friends. I would like a drink I think your dad keeps some booze in the house, so if you can find it, I would like a good stiff drink." That rather surprised me that she wanted a drink. She was sitting on the couch facing the TV, so it was appropriate for me to sit beside her to watch. I noticed she was wearing a robe which had parted over her legs.I was in my room working on the computer during the early part of the evening. I said in an apologetic voice, "Sorry I haven't been much company for you tonight, but let me get some drinks right away. Her shapely legs were exposed all the way up to the hem of her nighty which barely covered her crotch.

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Guess I wasn't very good company for grandmother, but I didn't really mean to ignore her. Then I'll sit down with you to have a good visit." As I walked out of the room, she started flipping the TV channels. I had seen her wear mini dresses in the past years and knew she had a nice pair of legs for an old gal.

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