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), trawling elsewhere through the site suggests that the March withdrawals figure actually came through at 192.25 tonnes and totalling up the reported year to date figures show that Q1 withdrawals totalled 555.9 tonnes – some 7.7% up on the 2016 Q1 figure, although still 11% behind that for the record 2015 calendar year.

(There does appear to be an anomaly of around 30 tonnes on the cumulative year to date figure as reported in the March SGE Delivery volume table, but these may be accounting anomalies from the preparations of the figures under different systems so we’ll let our assessment shown below ride until we may have a more accurate cumulative figure assuming the SGE reports the March figures separately in the same format as January and February.) While China’s gold demand as expressed by SGE withdrawals may be up on that of a year ago, it is early days yet for 2017 and it should be recalled that Chinese gold demand was probably at its lowest for four years in 2016, and way below that of the record 2015 year.

As we have pointed out here beforehand the withdrawals data as reported appears to offer a far closer correlation to the sum of Chinese gold imports plus domestic gold production and an estimate of scrap recycling than some of the estimates of demand produced by independent specialist consultancies.

In part this divergence of estimates tends to relate to how Chinese demand is calculated, with the consultancies tending to dismiss gold going into the financial and banking sectors.

Any resident of Österreich (Austria) who has reached the age of 16 can join the Esprit Friends. Every time you purchase an item from one of our participating stores (identifiable by the Esprit Friends symbol on the entrance door) and present your valid Esprit Friends card or in our e-shop on entering your Esprit Friends card number , we will credit 3% of the purchase value in the form of e-points directly to your personal Esprit Friends membership account.

e-points that have not been converted into vouchers (because you have not collected the required 600 e-points within the relevant 12 month period) or have not been redeemed in our online store (e-shop on within a period of 12 months from the relevant date of purchase will lapse and become void. Each time you collect 600 e-points or more within a period of 12 months, Esprit will reward you by sending you a voucher equal to the value of your collected e-points.

None of the figures take into account anything that may, or may not, be being absorbed by the government for the nation’s gold reserves.

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A voucher can be redeemed until the end of the expiration date indicated on such voucher in all participating Esprit stores bearing the Esprit Friends symbol.

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