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Another instance of his new cowardice is in the episode Farmed & Dangerous when Farmer P. and the Samurai Sword, original, current Scooby-Doo!

comes to them while they're investigating and offering them some warm milk to calm their nerves and Fred replies "no thanks" but after he tells them about the story of the devil farmer to which Fred gets scared and said "I would like that glass of warm milk now" in a scared tone.

d, 156 LEAVES FROM MY JOURNAL with the usual, " Noblest gentlemen, give me some- thing for charity." We gave her enough to pay Charon's ferriage across to her sisters, and de- parted hastily, for there was something uncanny about the place.

In this climate even the finger- marks of Euin herself are indelible, and the walls were sti U blackened with Rienzi's fires.

This benefit of clergy, however, is of no great conse- quence where there is nothing to read.

In Home, this morning, the walls were spattered with pla- cards condemning the works of George Sand, Eu- gene Sue, Gioberti, and others.

Charles Estell, John Eulenberg, Smoky Evans, Ann Ulrich Goings, James Goings, Rachal Grave s Sarah Frances (Aunt Sally) Green, Emily Camster Griffin, Lou Hamilton, Louis Hancock, Fil Harper, Dave Harreil, Clara Mc Neely Head Higgerson, Joe Hill, Delia 120 121 283 290 298 301 308 309 310 311 318 321 333 Shaw 126,135 139 143 145 147 162 169 170 173 Rhodes, Susan Davis Richardson, Charlie Ross, Frederick Sewell, Alice Sheppard, Perry Sides, Frank Sides, i~io1lie Renfro Simpson, Jane Smith, Clay Smith, Gus Stokes, Ann 179 Taylor, Edward 338 Taylor, Tishey Thomas, Louis Thompson, ~Tarne (Jane? b 2~ ()184 Federal Writers Project, District #5, Sikeston, Missouri. Our Mastuh wuz Joe Lane an our Missus wuz Jane Knoi Lane. When inuthuh tole him she didn t know where they was, he tied a rope round huh neck, an tied the other end to th~ raftuhe. ~ ~ ~ Aftuh th we was treated so mean that a neighbor helped us escape. Fo1k1or~ ~ .~ ~ : ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - ~~ ~ 240104 MISSOURI F~~ICKTOWN ~ STORLES ~ADWIm ~ ML~ ~OD GOT A HOl D ON l IER One of the oldest ex slaves en/ountered in ~issouri is Aunt Hannah Allen of Fredaricktown, who claims. According to Madison County records, Aunt Hannah gave her age as 82 when she made application for a niarriage license in Frederick- town in 1912. Not far from her home the glistening streamlined Zephyr speeds on twin rails beside the Missouri River, near the route of the slowmoving, creaking wagons on the ox-road of the 1850 s. You see there was slave traders in those days, jes like you got horse and mule an auto traders now. Stepfather and mama often tended their own tobacco and grain in the moonlight. We could go to church which was held in the school house. We didn t h~ve many grist mills them days, an we would punch holes in a piece of tin, and rab the ear of corn across it and make meal for our use. But when we did it, the threads were short, which ca sed us to have to tie the thread often, inakin too many knots in~ the dress. Plantin and harvestin in those days was really work. I ve carried three big buckets of water from one field to another, from one place to another; one in each hand and one balanced on my head. Some of master s kin folks had a weddin , an we walked to the church, an somebody kicked dust on the bride s clothes, an I got blamed but I am t never kicked lt ~he master s daughter Puss she kicked it. I was brought to Missouri when I was six months old with my Marnn~ who was a slave olned by a man named Shaw who had alotted her to a man named Jimmie Graves who came to Missouri to live with his daughter. ~y Papa never knew where my Mamma and me went and my Mama and ~e never knew where my Papa went . ~ O MISSOURI ~ON~T~QOI ~RY C ITY F4x-SWJE STO~ES p_I~__~. :176 s~i~v:~s ~ HIGGERSON Lind changed the $ubject. Nobody ever say anything about it or tell me nu~in~ I guess somebody carry me whar I se gwinter. Delia Hill is a good natured, well preserved old lady. But de white people did not want de shade taken out of de country. to four colleges, at Champaign, Illinois; Lincoln University, ~Tefferson City; Universtty of Chicago and. ~ better than ninety years olci, i~e says about ninet~_four or five, and Drucilla is ten years older than Richard. ~ichard was in a hurry to ~o to tovth and see if their old age pension ci iec Ks had ~ome ~et an~L invited us ~o . D~ oie Missus come in an wuz sick an she s tarted ta sit down in de chair. Our tnuthuh haf3 5 ch Ildren llvtn ; 19 great grandchildren, and two great ~raridchildren; Paul Evane; 6, and Andrea;3. Jo nos bought ~ur ~.ur~t an tok her ta Shelby County, Mtssour . afl~ eavid up a lot of fod in his cab n an then when he was freed, hi went out in de woods an butit him a home of his own. a 1~Vi &W1I L wud not ~ia~b stood it with *it~aper .~ ~ , IU~) ~ ~ F ~ ~ISSOURI ST.

) Wa~gonor, Sarah 355 Walker, i~Tinksie (r~:inksy) 365 342 348 353 Wilson, James wood, Mintie Gilbert Wright, Ellaine 371 373 378 379 Younger, Si~m ~7 . ~ ~ 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ Interview with James ~ ~ ~ Monroe Abbot, ex-s1 vej~ ~ ~. Dey had a girl, Barbara Ellen, an two boys, Tom en Ed. We-all got in a big wagon, bout ten or twelve of us, an druv us to the Cape, where they s rse ~ j protect us. P~ge 2 (Con t Interview with Betty Abernathy Ex-8 ) on the cornuh where Mr. In spite of her extreme age, Aunt Hannah is able to do all of the work around her house and she frequently walks up town and back, a distance of several blocks. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 ~ ~ ~: ~ : 240166 - ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Missouri . MISSOURI NODk WAY~ COITNTY ~c II~b RE ~C-SLA~V~E STORIES SARJ~H GRAVES My name is Sarah Frances Shaw Graves, or i~unt Sally as everybody calls me. Sometimes they letus play with the other children after the noon dished were washed and there wasn t anything else to do. Nowadays, when you all want a nice wool dress, all you got to do Is go to the store and get it , Aunt Sally commented, when asked to tell about their clothing. I have gathered the wool off the fences where it had been caught off the sheep, an washed it, an used it to make mittens. They used oxen to break up the ground for corn, an for plowin it too. They never want ed Mama to know where my Papa was becau8e they knew Mania would never marry where he was. Everybody made whiskey in dem days, had little stillerles all over the country, made apple and peach brandy. He was asked tr he ever remembered seelnig slaves sold at Boon~. Yes, ma am~ he exialmed ~ iihy down at Boonvill e woman and a baby was put up to be sold, and de buyer be want de woman, but he don t want de baby, so they separated em, and was gettin ready to put em on de boat for Noo Orleans, and ship em down de river, and t de woman she ran back to kiss de baby goodbye, and de tradar picked up a whip and cracked it and shouts, A bellerin cow will soon forget its calf ! One tradar, name of Henry IVloore, he used to handcuff a U the niggahs together till time to put ein on de boat tor Noo Orleans. of Xathleen Williams) 240119 ~~1i G i~~fl9~7 ~MIs~o~ ri: Ex-S1a~es ~ U~pside ~ ~2~w~ Page 1.. ~he is quite tall, medium in size, dark complexion and her hair i~ aln~ost entirely whites. Many of de bosses after de freedom couldn t stand it and went in de house and got a ~un and blew o t his brains. De parrot wuz sittin up dar an say, ~(issi biss: ~ burn you. I always belonged to de Baptist Church arid belongs to de Helping Hand Baptist now. Our fauthur died 45 years ago an our ~iuthuh rnarrted a Mr. Re cut down d tress ~n made his cab n tbar an ltv d. LOUIS EX SL&VE STORIES ~1IQ ~ Page 1 )r o DELICL~ HAD SO~ ~ The subject of this sketch is Delicia ~nn Wi Ley Patterson, better kiiown as Lucinda Patterson, 92 years of age and lives in a 3 room kitchenette apartxt~nt at 2847 Deirnar Boulevard, apartment 103.

When 01e Mastuh died, dat wuz de fathuh ob young Mastuh Joe~war sick a long time. She is childless and has been content to live on the seine spot during the last 71 years. ~ De authorities gaged de soldiers for stealing from de people. The Crowdee family who we came here with, settled near Page 2. I member, she were so sick dat she were not able to hold us an? Dere were 16 to O l 7 ~rnndred pounds to de hogshead. My father, who was also my boss, he kept a store, and I went to de store to take care of de children cause de ~oss done send for rae . VES JOE HIG ERSON was getting ready to close up, cause lt was getting dark, and close at dark a ma~ come and wanted In and de store keeper wouldn t let him In. L~y first owners name was Marse John Hawkins and he had a big mill. I lamed ta read La MOtt ~ when a white man tau~ht nie :in. wards I work d in Bonne ~1at da smelter but got lead colic an quit thar. God give us a better principle and we could have had thousands of whites slaughtered MISSOURI FRED~Q~TOWN ~x-s: I: v E~: STORIES ~ ~ . I was coming back from carryin de dinner out in de woods to Sam Hildebrand. De jedge had lots of turkeys and dey was roosting u~p in de trees. He can t do nuthing cause de more he say de more dey takes . Old mastuh had de table all set with everything fine to eat. ~ ~ De Missus had to go out dare fur somethin an de parrot say,~Poor polly, layin in ~e sun.~ De master den%really beat de slabs wen he came in. when he leave to go tuh war, he tell me he gwine tuh corne back, wid Lincoln s head on a stick but de Lawd sent hini back wid his head in) a coffin. ~ 240 Folklore, ~ Dj8~ri Ct ~5, Interview with Letha Sike St Ofl, Missouri. Massa think dey sell dei~nules to de sojers an pocket de money. Dey live in a two~story frame house--dat down close to Bloomfiel De fiwt time we ever seed sojers, dey wuz a big crowd o em cum up to our place. I spects dey didden do him no harm but dey keeps him locked up. ~y father was owned by Billy Graves, whose farni was joined to de master s farm. ~:any times I done went after de cows barefoot when dere was more dan a foot of snow on de ground. I stayed dere for a while longer until I ~ot work on a ~arra at fity cents a day. Why, in ~ontice1lo dey used to iiavea log jail, but now dey is got one made ofstone and iron. I guess it s right dat dis world is growing weaker end wiser. Us little tots had to go all over de field and pick up feathers. We wore linsie dresses and all slept together and were bound to keep warm. Dey had two children den so dey took m as a nurse for de children. Dawson didn t believe in slave s and he didn t own none My mistress had only on~ slave to do de cooking and she took me for to be de nurse. My father eplit relia and built fencea (they didn t have wire fence in those day , ) and shucked cern end worked on farine or whatever kin I of job he could get to do. He h~d three plantations an one wuz at Liberty~ ~ ville, Miezouri. The negroes war ~ t~k n frum oi; plantas~iun ta the other,~nd our ~randmt~thuh work d at all ~ tnr~c- places. They w&r rougkier on ma aunt; Eleanor, cuase st~ie war stubborn. I got plenty temper and I been sick, and when I get mad I get sick all over again. My shoes were low and ha4 bead~ a U ev~er the trout. 1es I remember some tough men drivin~g like iaad through ou D place many time s w ith big chains rattle ing We e ailed them slave hunters. Bu, I in sure glad it is all over now, but we did Ia t git nothin out of lt like we expected .

As we waited for our carrettella, I saw four or five of the lowest-looking peasants come up and read the handbi U of a tombola (a kind of lottery) which was stuck up beside the inn-door.

One of them read it aloud for our benefit, and with re- markable propriety of accent and emphasis.

Over the years, Fred has come to build overly complicated traps for villains, which Scooby-Doo and/or Shaggy would often set off by mistake, only for the villain to wind up captured by the trap anyway.

He also takes charge by splitting the group up to search for clues.

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Today the weatherman dressed in a woolly hat, puffa jacket and grey trousers made a bid not to be seen leaving his £500,000 semi detached cottage in Bowdon, Cheshire where he had been holed up since his arrest.

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