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But I'm apprehensive from what I picture in my head about the type of people that attend. I also picture that every guy there works in IT and so I will be lost in the crowd of geeks heh.

At least if I go with a girl when I get paired with her we can swap 'intel' on the competition.

A dozen of selected investment ideas will be presented with an amusing and time effective formula to a qualified investors (fund selectors, portfolio managers, family offices, financial consultants,…).

The presentation will last maximum 4 minutes (TEASING), afterword, in a specific branded area of Palazzo dei Congressi, all the participants have the opportunity to meet each investor in order to deepen the different proposal (MATCHING).

Pressure to sow the seeds for a beautiful long term relationship?

No problem: Sam talked even faster than usual while Matt told (anonymised) stories about ‘inappropriate’ content submitted (but thankfully not published) on the platform in the past. Many clients were at different points on their video journey – some already use loads of video in their insight projects; others are just starting to explore it.

Access to this exclusive professional meeting forum is open to all Spa Operators and Suppliers to the industry.

Supplier places are reserved for Offical Sponsors and the number of companies/ brands in each supply category is strictly limited* and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis (a maximum of 50 suppliers can be accepted).

It’s the biggest UK event for senior insight clients – and a crash course in speed dating for agencies operating in the insight industry.

Men act upon the machines and the techniques they use, and this makes them evolve.

But because of the fast developing of digital technologies, evolution is way too fast and the present time is sometimes an uncomfortable path that connects past and future, where businesses constantly have to choose which kind of innovation is suitable for their development”.

It’s a great and inspiring reminder that as disruptive as Big Sofa is, we have to keep innovating and pushing into new territory to stay ahead of the curve and deliver value for clients in this new world.

18 twenty minute meetings with potential clients from a range of roles and industries, with a host of varied business challenges?

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