Devendra dating after natalie

I wanted to point out that I didn't think being pretty or not pretty defined what a good person or bad person is. But I might be a little bias as I dated and am friends with someone that looks very much like him (hair included).

But a few years ago when it was better kept it was one of my favorite features.

Then I said to the spirit of Krishna-Murti, "Whats the title?

It's love: A beaming Natalie Portman cuddles up to new boyfriend Devendra Banhart on a chilly New York day However, it appears Natalie may be getting serious about Devendra after she happily kissed her new beau in front of photographers in New York.

After filming the promo to Carmensita at Devendra's Los Angeles home over Easter weekend, the folk rocker has accompanied Natalie to the Big Apple, where she is currently filming her new movie New York, I Love You.

The next night, my boy Cabic comes over to play some x Box and braid my hair, and NP sits in the corner reading a magazine (I believe it was ) and acting like she's doing me some big favor by letting me have my bromance. I promised myself that I'd break up with her this morning. The best part about dating an actress is that breaking up is an orgasm straight out of the Claude Levi-Strauss handbook.

Cabic is so weirded out he leaves after only two hours of Madden and I think she can sense that I'm frustrated, because when I come into the bedroom she's wearing the blonde wig from and she has her mouth duct-taped shut. You can "represent" the "break-up" without having to really say a word.

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