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Posts about Christopher Lawell written by Anonymous. Some more has been discovered about Miya Bot, the chatbot sold by Vegas Chris of Money Maker, the man who was once a VP of a mortgage company and now markets porn on the internet by means of hiring people to post fake dating ads on Craigslist.On the site, which now has nothing but a default website page, there was once a source code repository for a Microsoft Visual Studio Solution (a collection of software development projects) with the name Miya Bot. In this path, there is a directory called svn, which stands for Apache Subversion, the name of the source code control system being used here.

A 2001 post in the Missed Connections-San Francisco section of Craigslist asked for “Gorgeous Guy @ 4th and Market at the MUNI/Amtrak Bus Stop.” The post included a photo of said Gorgeous Guy, seeking help in finding him.

Baca eventually copped to CNN that he’d made up the whole thing, saying he was “just playing around.” As for whether his reasons included dating or pursuing his stated interest in acting and modeling, that’s anyone’s guess.

A 2001 post in the Missed Connections-San Francisco section of Craigslist asked for “Gorgeous Guy ...

I've done some more investigating of and and it looks like I've found out who's behind them ...

Proof That Christopher Lawell Owns Miya Bot and Is Therefore Vegas Chris. There was a dating scam site called Craigslist Safe.

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  1. I'm curious, have any of you ever dated a musician? I don't care if s/he is famous, only plays for the twenty people in your village, is a singer, guitarist, bass player, drummer or else.